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The primary characteristic of this sleeve is its elegant and artistic features. It is perfectly designed to fit the form of the MacBookAir. This sleeve is made with the textile called kyo-yuzen, which is one of the most famous Japanese traditional crafts, and sewn by professional craftsmen in Kyoto. Even the reverse of the cloth is also made with it. Each piece of Kyo-yuzen requires more than ten processes and takes a month to be completed. This long and painstaking effort of them gives the “Mac Book Air Sleeve” originality and uniqueness which bring great satisfaction. The highly functionality is remarkable as well. The simple and refined shape holds your MacBook Air softly, and the durable texture protects its body from damage.
The soft tones of Japanese traditional color brings you a warm feel and reveals your own attractive individuality.
The repeated dying processes bring out the profound color within the traditional japanese textile that we have specifically chosen for these unique cases. All the processes are delicately performed by professional craftsmen.